We all are travelers, sometimes cruising, sometimes crashing as we make our way through life. Fortunately, Matrix Rides leaves nothing to chance when it comes to your experience on the road. Whether you are planning a weekend getaway or prepping for an official meet or for that matter, bundling up your energies to participate in a family function or even a sojourn into Earth’s lesser known terrains, we’ll be there to help you make the most of it. Here are three ways we wish to accomplish this great and wonderful task of helping you get there.
matrix rides

Your everyday, everywhere car

Perfect for           • Outstation travels         • Family picnics

Make the road want you!

The tarmac is filled with vehicles. Rough, uncanny and unpredictable. But you can change it all. Pick from our eclectic collection of everyday cars for personal or professional purposes and watch the road bow down in awe. Our extraordinary collection serves to up your travel game by a great percentage. From spacious seating to butter-smooth propulsion, our cars turn the road into a friend you never had!

Superior business class travel

Perfect for           • Outstation travels         • Official Travel

Here’s the new buzz in town for your bizzness!

 Picture yourself rubbing shoulders with the who’s who of your industry. They admire your attention to details – whether your skillful presentation or your steam-ironed three piece suit. In a world where the first impression goes a long way, would you want to tar your influence by compromising on your choice of travel? We think not.

You can rent out the most perfect, well-suited business cars via Matrix Bizz and sum up your official travel in one word – impeccable!

Your everyday, everywhere car

Perfect for           • Marriages          • Photoshoots

The wheels of yesterday look good on the road to the future.

Marriages are made in heaven and now your entry to the wedding can be heavenly too. Choose from our fleet of vintage cars (Per day/8 - Hour basis) to turn heads as you make your way to your partner. Not just this, we have partnered with Our Memories, an  award-winning photo studio from Bangalore, to  add eternal grace to the most important day of your life.